An Authentic Sukiya Living Environment 

Home of William Cook and Gwil Evans since 1975

Explore the "Four Seasons" of Momiji-en

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Welcome to Momiiji-en house and gardens

Highlighting the entry garden, the Mt. Fuji cherry greets Spring passersby and guests

Spring iris grace the teahouse kitchen entrance

Pink rhododendren blossoms welcome Spring

The Summer Karesansui garden is primarily seen from the house in true sukiya style

Summer mornings highlight the moisture in the Flat Garden after an evening's watering

This seasonal raking of the gravel sea represents a calm Summer ocean

The jeweled colors of Autumn shine in the Natural Garden

The low-angle Autumn light bathes the Karesansui serpentine stones 

A late Autumn snowfall indicates Winter is near

Cold temperatures bring Winter frost and ice

Winter snow imparts a calming sense of peace to the Karesansui garden


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