Its been fun updating my website!

After neglecting my old website for far too long, I created this new version of the website 

with updated gallery photos of Momiiji-en and other artistic pursuits that have kept me busy 

throughout these last several pandemic years of isolation. Enjoy these images and revisit occasionally for new offerings!

About Me

With a background in education focusing on design and fine art it was easy for me to be excited and committed about building and developing our 2/3 acre authentic Japanese garden. Over the more than 45 years spent at our Corvallis home, Gwil and I have worked to nurture an environment that would bring peace and tranquility to family, guests and friends but also to ourselves. Momiji-en can take credit for the healthy and privileged lives we've enjoyed together.

Contact me

text: 541-740-7081

Momiji-en: located at
3007 NW Garfield Ave. 
Corvallis, OR   97330,  USA


Panoramic Garden Images

Scrolls for the Tokonoma

Origami Food 

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